Who We Are

Future Law Lab (FLL) is a virtual research center at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, established within the FutureSoc Excellence Initiative.

FLL supports research, fosters expertise, and conducts education and networking activities devoted to the intersections of law, empirical sciences and new technologies. Its mission is to help scholars and the society face the challenges arising in the dynamically evolving world. 

FLL’s research and activities are devoted to the following areas:  

  • The development of brain sciences (cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology) and their influence on the process of creation, interpretation and enforcement of law; the potential of cognitive sciences to enhance our understanding of human behaviour, as well as the cognitive processes and decisions of the participants of legal transactions.
  • What possibilities and risks stem from the developments information technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence and machine learning) and biotechnology (especially genetics) in the context of legal systems? How to ensure that these advances benefit the society, while at the same time that they do not threaten justice, security and freedom?  

Furthermore, FLL aims to react quickly to key emerging issues, in which the law can be either a solution or a part of the problem.